7 Summits – Aconcagua Prep 6: Final preparations, as Aconcagua calls

Good Monday afternoon to you,

As I write my final blog before I depart for Argentina and Aconcagua next Saturday afternoon, my mind marvels at how fast time has gone by since being confirmed on the expedition.

All the early morning runs, the bike rides, the gym sessions, the treks, the self-discipline and of course the most enjoyable days, the rest days! The work has been done. The sessions are nearly over.

Last week’s sessions were as intense as usual but not as long – runs were reduced to 5 kilometres and gyms sessions reduced to 20 minutes. This week will be similar but absolute care of injury is primary with more rest than usual.

Other preparations this week will be sobering and reflective as always ahead of a big expedition and a mountain that is the highest outside of the Himalaya. I sort and file all my personal details, checking and re-checking my mountain and climbing gear and ordering/buying anything that isn’t 100%. When I have everything together it’s a matter of packing and weighing, re-packing and weighing until I am happy with what I have and make the flight weight allowance. Below are examples of the gear that is required for an expedition like this.

Left: Mount Everest 2014 – Gear Check  Right: Aconcagua 2018 – Gear Check

The climbing itinerary is packed and will be tough but I know I’ve done all the hard physical work (resting heart beat 42 bpm) and I am as fit as I can be. I’ve also taken much time to mentally prepare and am as strong and as positive as ever. 

Thanks again to my sponsors, my supporters and of course my mental health charity, GROW, with whom I’ve been working with for many years now raising mental health awareness and funds for the work they do and the much needed help they willingly offer.

If you’d like to donate please click the link: Donate to Derek Mahon 7 Summit Challenge Charitable Fund

So God, Mountain God and Mother Nature willing I hope to summit around the 29th of January. I will have access to Wi-Fi at Base Camp – Plaza de Mulas – and will be able to post and blog from there, so keep an eye on The Panel website and social media channels for updates on the journey. Thanks again for all the good wishes. My next blog will be from the mountain!

Take Care and Keep Your Dreams Alive!