2015 – A Year of Change in IT – Review [INFOGRAPHIC]

It is often customary at this time to look back at the year gone by. The tech market in 2015 was very much alive with a wide variety of positions.
Some of the key growth areas we saw in 2015: 

Cloud: The Cloud is a massive growth market and is constantly evolving. There has been a continuous demand for candidates with a cloud computing background as a result of this growing market. Your typical network engineers & system administrators were required to upskill if they wanted to move with the trend of the Cloud. I expect candidates to remain high in demand in 2016. 

Big Data: Data has become such an important resource and potential source of value over the last few years which resulted in the emergence of positions such as – Chief Data Officer, BI Architect, BI Manager, BI Analyst, Data Scientist etc. We saw various companies throughout 2015 trying to fill these positions. 

IT Security: It was clear in 2014 that the IT industry needed to up its game and protect their organisations from security breaches. Organisations took the necessary steps in 2015 and put plans in place to improve their posture and become a less attractive target. This resulted in a high demand for information security professionals throughout the year. 

Some Key Trends in 2015:

  • Employee retention remained as a top priority in 2015. Talent leaders continued to value the quality of their employees and developed strategies such as internal hiring to retain their talent pool. 
  • Counter offers were never too far away – candidates could “stay” or “go” – they had the choice. This meant that hiring processes at times were falling at the final hurdle.  
  • Since the beginning of the year we have noted a 22% increase in jobs registered. While this increase in jobs registered is mainly in the junior to mid-level, we have seen, in Q4, a notable increase in senior executive roles on the market also.
  • Throughout 2015 The CSO reported month on month decreases in unemployment. As of October unemployment has dropped below 9% for the first time since 2008. 

We can conclude that 2015 has been a very strong year and looking ahead 2016 looks set to follow suit. 

Many thanks for taking the time to read this article. 

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