SPOTLIGHT: John Finnegan from IT Solutions

John Finnegan tells us why IT Solutions (one of Ireland’s leading providers of Digital Engagement and Customer Experience Solutions) have had a great year and their plans for the future.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: John Finnegan, Business Development Director, IT Solutions.

Company formed in:


Elevator pitch:

IT Solutions is Ireland’s leading provider of Digital Engagement, and Customer Experience solutions.

We enable consumers to communicate with brands via messaging (web chat, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Live & In App Chat etc) creating a happier more engaged customer, at a significantly lower cost than traditional channels, such as phone.

Who would benefit from your service/product?

Brands who have invested heavily in their digital assets such as web portals, domains, apps etc, but are still making their customer switch channels and contact them via their predominantly telephone based call centre.   

Biggest achievement in the last 12 months:

Our biggest achievement in the last 12 months has been rolling out LivePersons new messaging platform to a major mobile carrier as well as deploying the solution in one of the top retail banks in the world. 

Plans for the next 12 months:

Our focus will be on growing our UK & Irish customer base and broadening our offering with our existing customers through innovative use cases.  

Biggest challenge to your business:

Our biggest challenge is keeping up with the speed of innovation of our partners and communicating these to the marketplace.

Best advice you can give other business owners:

If your customers are fundamentally changing their behaviour in their personal lives, then fully expect these same customers to want to buy from brands that reflect this in their business lives.   

If I was Minister for Finance, the first thing I’d do is:

Let the world know Ireland is a great place to start a business, not just relocate. I’d put tangible supports in place like space, financial supports, mentoring and linkages to corporates/open innovation partners, so these start-ups can become the next wave of scale ups from Ireland. 

Reasons to be cheerful:

I’m a regular all year swimmer in the 40 foot and it’s still nearly 14.5 Celsius in the water at the moment!!!

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