SPOTLIGHT: Conor Crowley from Acumen & Trust

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Conor Crowley, Director, Acument & Trust.


Company formed in:


Elevator pitch:

Acumen & Trust’s Noble Purpose is “to always strive to improve the financial wellbeing of our clients and to build a great team and help our people grow”.

Who would benefit from your service/product?

Any individual looking for help with their financial planning.

Biggest achievement in the last 12 months:

Helping Acumen & Trust to grow successfully and helping to develop and grow our team of consultants.

Plans for the next 12 months:

More of the same!

Biggest challenge to your business:

As we continue to grow, making sure that the quality of our advice and services to our clients is maintained to the highest standards.

Best advice you can give other business owners:

Do the simple things well and keep repeating them through good work processes and systems. Always try to see things from the client’s / customer’s perspective. 

If I was Minister for Finance, the first thing I’d do is:
Reduce income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax rates so as to increase spending and savings in the economy, which should help to stimulate growth further. 

Reasons to be cheerful:

There has been a significant pick up in the economy over the past four years which has been good for business and should continue into 2017, despite Brexit and the Trump election victory.

We plan to expand the team / headcount by a further 10% this year to reflect the continued growth in our business. 

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